Day of celebration for mix of cultures

Join in the Harmony Day celebrations at the Morris Iemma Sports Centre in Riverwood on Wednesday, March 21.

Story appeared in: Torch | March 13th, 2018

RESIDENTS of all cultural backgrounds will come together at Morris Iemma Sports Centre in Riverwood to celebrate Harmony Day on Wednesday, March 21.
The Canterbury Bankstown Harmony Group has organised the celebrations for the 12 years in conjunction with the Riverwood Community Centre, Canterbury Bankstown City Council, local schools and community groups.
This year's theme is 'Building Community Harmony'.
The event will bring together different cultural groups such as Chinese, Korean, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Pacific Islander, Indonesian and more, to foster a sense of belonging and share in some amazing food, song, dance and friendship.
President and founder of the group, Karl Saleh encouraged all residents to attend the free celebration and dress in traditional costumes which reflect their culture and bring a traditional plate of food to share with others.
"Through the entertainment, song, dance, food and friendship, local residents from all backgrounds come together as one and are 'Building Community Harmony'," he said.
"This wonderful celebration builds community spirit, understanding and enhances multicultural awareness.
"This is a special day and we encourage the community to come out and join us for what will sure be another great event."
There will be several guest speakers and local MPs attending.
Harmony Day celebrates Australia, the cultural diversity of the local community and is all about inclusiveness, respect and fostering a sense of belonging for everyone, with the day being represented by the many diverse community and local cultural groups.
It's all happening from 10am to 2pm.

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