Accused of backing down over new ‘rubbish’ timetable

Councillors say the new timetable has stripped Cumberland of a decent train service.

Story appeared in: Review | March 12th, 2018

AS Sydney Trains continues "tweaking" timetables introduced in November, Liberal and Labor councillors joined forces last month to give voice to community concerns about the changes.
In December, two motions criticising the impact of the timetable changes on commuters, received majority support, however on February 21 councillors voted to rescind the more politically "contentious" wording in some points to "remove the politics".
The new wording will see the council write letters expressing "disappointment in the new 2017 timetable change" to the Premier, Transport Minister, Local Government NSW, local state MPs, and the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils.
However a move to offer support to efforts by "State MPs for Auburn and Granville", as well as community campaign 'Restore Inner West Line' "to address the public transport issues, was rescinded.
Councillors also revoked a motion acknowledging that a 22-minute direct service from Berala to the City was possible in 1930, but the same trip now exceeds 40 minutes with a change required at Lidcombe.
After deleting that part of the motion, councillors did reach agreement to lobby for "the reversal of the 2013 removal of Inner West Line trains to Berala and Regents Park".
Only Crs Paul Garrard and Eddy Sarkis voted against the reworded motions.
Describing the new timetables "as rubbish", Cr Garrard accused the Labor councillors, who had moved the original motions and agreed to the changes, of "backing down": "This timetable has totally denuded Cumberland of decent services."

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