Killer roundabout to get safety re-design

Story appeared in: Review | March 12th, 2018

A DEADLY roundabout on Queen and Marion streets at Auburn, will be upgraded.
In April 2016, a 16-month-old child died after being hit by a car on the corner which then crashed into a brick fence.
The existing kidney-shaped roundabout was constructed in 2007 under the National Blackspot Program and according to a report on the site, it was "was designed with specific site constraints at the intersection to allow access to all general access vehicles including semi-trailers and Heavy Ridged Trucks".
The report also noted that "pedestrian fencing on the north-east corner of the intersection had been hit a few times by trucks trying to negotiate the roundabout and the council has received concerns from local residents regarding the shape of the roundabout".
Following a successful planning proposal to rezone the nearby Queen Street industrial site, the council has entered into a voluntary planning agreement with the developer to allow land on the corner to be set aside on the corner to allow for the roundabout to be redesigned into a circle.

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