Stadium upgrade still up in air

Granville MP Julia Finn at Merrylands RSL Oval which she says “has been crying out for an upgrade for years” and should take priority over ANZ and Allianz stafiums.

Story appeared in: Review | March 12th, 2018

IT appears that the State Government's proposed $2.7 billion stadium spend is not exactly a done deal after Deputy Premier John Barilaro said in parliament that the plan still had to go back to the Expenditure Review Committee.
"Once we get all the information and evidence, and review the business case, we will make a decision," he said.
Last week Sports Minister Stuart Ayres jumped on comments by Opposition Leader and State MP for Auburn, Luke Foley, offering support for a rectangular field at ANZ Stadium.
"Luke Foley's stadia campaign is breathtaking in its deception," Mr Ayres said.
"He has the audacity to stand in front of banners proclaiming Labor will put schools and hospitals first - knowing we are already doing that – all the while planning his own $2 billion plan."
However Granville MP Julia Finn says the Labor Opposition has ruled out knocking down existing stadiums and building new ones in their place - at Moore Park or at Sydney Olympic Park.
She added that it also appeared that the Government's costings were based on an undersized field.
"If the rugby ground at Allianz is going to be big enough to play on, it's going to be even more than $2.5 billion," she said.
"They ignore schools and hospitals, they ignore desperately needed local sporting facilities like Merrylands RSL Oval. And they attack anyone who criticises them.
"I'm a huge fan of League and Union, not at all put off by the condition of either ANZ Stadium or Allianz.
"No one will buy a ticket they otherwise wouldn't for the chips or shorter toilet queues.
"Merrylands RSL Oval is well and truly big enough and has been crying out for an upgrade for years. Cumberland Council will come to the party but the State Government won't."

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