Elderly win back stops

Granville residents will keep two bus stops.

Story appeared in: Review | March 12th, 2018

ELDERLY Granville residents will keep two stops on the Parramatta to Hurstville via Padstow M91 bus corridor after voicing their displeasure at proposed route changes.
The State Government and the private operator, Transdev, backed down on a proposal to improve running times which included the removal of Stops 34 and 35 on Blaxcell Street which are used by several elderly and disabled residents of a neighbouring unit block.
Other Granville stops set to stay include Stop 8 on Halsall Street and Stops 16 and 17 near John Street.
However seven other stops will go, including stop 5 on Church Street opposite Dixon Street in Parramatta, and Stops 20, 21 and 22 in Blaxcell Street near Thomas, Membrey and Farnell streets.
Stop 14A in Blaxcell Street opposite Elizabeth Street, will also be relocated.
South Granville residents will also lose Stop 25 on Blaxcell Street opposite Lackey Street and Stops 30 and 31 near Frederick Avenue and Adam Street.
While thanking those in the community who raised awareness about the issue and organised a petition, Opposition Leader and State MP for Auburn, Luke Foley, is urging them to stay vigilant on the perils of privatisation.
"It was sheer madness for the Liberal Government and private operators to even consider taking these bus stops away which would have resulted in cutting these residents off from their community," he said.

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