Love in air at Georges Manor

George and Angeliki Arsenis enjoy Valentine’s Day at Georges Manor.

Story appeared in: Seniors | March 16th, 2018

VALENTINE'S Day was extra special at Georges Manor this year, with six couples celebrating a romantic lunch for two.
Advantaged Care at Georges Manor, Georges Hall, provides a superior level of hospitality, accommodation and services for older residents. A room was set up with red and white table cloths and roses on each table. There was soft Italian music playing to set the scene, and staff members dressed as waitresses.
The romantic date ended with each husband giving their wife roses.
Facility manager Sindhu Menon says the staff at Georges Manor always try to ensure their couples have quality alone time together.
The couples also shared their romantic stories about how they met. George and Angeliki Arsenis met in 1958 in Newcastle where George was living in the same house as Angeliki's sister.
Angeliki came to visit her sister and George fell for her and asked for her hand in marriage. They were married in March 1959 and have two children and five grandchildren. When asked what is the secret to a long lasting marriage, George replied: "We did not get married for 24 hours, a week, or two weeks. We promised to be married forever."
Residents at Georges Manor also expanded their cultural awareness by celebrating Chinese New Year in February. They were impressed by the decorated room, filled with red paper lanterns, Chinese fire crackers and Chinese fans. As the residents took their seats at Happy Hour, they were surprised to find a red envelope on the table, filled with chocolate money. This represents the Chinese culture, symbolising good luck and warning off evil spirits. Residents enjoyed Chinese food and socialising as they learnt more about another culture - and were pleasantly surprised when a staff member got into the spirit of the day dressed as a Geisha.

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