Aged care ‘maze’ expert

Talcwood’s Darryl Ellis and Vicki Kortum understand the complexities of aged care and are ready to help.

Story appeared in: Seniors | March 21st, 2018

NAVIGATING the complexities of aged care can be difficult.
That's why Darryl Ellis established Talcwood. 
Mr Ellis says there is nothing more upsetting for a family than the realisation that a parent or loved one can no longer cope without help. And sadly this can come on without warning.
Mr Ellis found this with his own family.
"What to do when a loved one begins experiencing loss of memory, confusion and change in motivation," he said.
"Decisions have to be made and quickly, but where to start? Who do we turn too?"
Even though Mr Ellis had years of experience caring for the needs of families, he found the task complex.
"Quickly we were asking ourselves what were our extended families' options; should the house be sold, rented, should mum continuing living at home or in care? How were we to fund either option?"
As a result, he identified a real need to guide families through the complex maze of aged care Talcwood specialise in advice on home transition, property sale, estate planning, financial planning and placement.
"Our team of experienced caring consultants can assist with matters as simple as decluttering the family home, discussing which is best, to sell or retain the home, explain the Centrelink options, and consider the outcomes," he said.
"Where necessary we will make referrals to accredited estate planning solicitors and financial planners who specialise in aged care."
Call 9527 2918 for further details.

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