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Scott Brennan with client Kevin Wood.

Story appeared in: Seniors | March 21st, 2018

THE purpose-built Wellness Centre at Bankstown City Aged Care (BCAC) has been helping to transform lives since it opened in September last year.
A collaboration with the Western Sydney University (WSU), the BCAC Wellness Centre
is staffed by university qualified exercise physiologists who specialise in the prescription of exercise for those who may be suffering from a chronic illness or are concerned about having a fall.
Seniors can work out in a relaxed and friendly setting using state-of-the-art strength and balance training equipment and Roger Boyle says he is amazed at the transformative effects of his new exercise program.
"I have been struggling with basic day to day activities since undergoing knee surgery," he said.
"I could not even put on my shoes and socks on my own. Now it's no problem and I feel so much more confident while I am out doing the shopping."
Exercise physiologist Ben Gonano says members are initially assessed to determine what their needs are and what types of exercises will help them.
"From here, an exercise program can be tailored to each individual to ensure that it is both safe and effective," he said.
"So far our members have all achieved tremendous outcomes, ranging from improved walking speed and mobility to improved blood pressure and cholesterol.
"It has been tremendously exciting to hear from the members and their doctors how beneficial exercise has been to them."
Located at 145 Rex Road in Georges Hall, the BCAC Wellness Centre is open to the general public; for more information, call 8717 0176.

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