‘Big Vegie Crunch’

The Vegetable Plot team - Asapara Gus, Ru Barb and Sir Paul McCarrotney (aka Luke Escombe, Paige Hoorweg and Nick Hoorweg) with some of the students during The Big Vegie Crunch.

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | March 7th, 2018

BREAKING the record for the most children eating vegetables simultaneously and to celebrate Vegetable Week last week, The Big Vegie Crunch 2018 saw 59,835 students across almost 300 schools, crunching down on Thursday.
As part of the event, The Vegetable Plot creator Luke Escombe recorded a theme song, 'The Big Vegie Crunch', with voices of several local children - Chloe Harnisch from Ashbury Public School and Pablo Harnisch from Yeo Park Infants School at Ashfield, as well as musician Jamie Cameron from Petersham.
The experience aimed to increase students' knowledge, exposure and positive attitudes towards the vegetables. 
"With support from NSW Health and the Healthy Kids Association, the event was very popular and it was great to see the kids dancing and enjoying having a fun crunch," Luke said.
"Currently only 5.4 per cent of Australian children eat enough vegetables. In order to work towards improving this percentage, we need to increase children's knowledge, exposure and positive attitudes towards vegies.
"It is recommended that children between the ages of 4 and 12, eat around five serves of vegies each day; on the day, carrots seemed to be the most popular vegie by far, followed by cucumbers and celery.
"Events like this in the school setting, combined with positive peer influence and education around food, can improve awareness and inspires kids to try different types of vegies.
"It's important for parents and teachers to keep the positive vegelicious vibe going."
For teacher resources, including info on how to start a school vegie garden, go to healthy-kids.com.au

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