Exercise turned our lives around

Christos and Niki Georgiou are stretching their way to a healthier life by attending Active Living classes.

Story appeared in: Seniors | April 5th, 2018

FEARING her life would never be the same again after suffering from a chronic lung condition, brought on by asthma, and going downhill, Niki Georgiou, 78, started taking part in the Active Living exercise class at Lakemba last year.
"Within a short time, I had lost weight and felt so much better," the Belmore resident explained.
"Then I stopped going for three months because I had cataract problems and the weight piled back on.
"My doctor said you've got get back to exercise again and so my husband, Christos, 82, and I started back at Lakemba on Mondays and exercise through the Canterbury Hospital program on Thursdays.
"It's made such a difference to both of us and I would definitely recommend taking an exercise class to others; you can do it at your own pace."

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