Truck brings down power pole

Story appeared in: Torch | February 27th, 2018

MARION Street at Condell Park has been closed to traffic in front of the Bankstown Airport after a truck brought down a power pole today about 11.30am.
Westward traffic is being diverted off Marion Street, to Surrey Avenue at Condell Park, while emergency services assess the situation. Traffic just west of the main entrance to the airport is being turned around.
Courier driver, Ajay Sharma said his truck clipped the pole about 11.30am, snapping it in half, and partly bringing down wires.
"There were sparks everywhere," he said.
"I moved to the side to avoid another car when I hit the pole."
A witness, Phil Sim, from ABS Insurance Brokers, said he heard "an almighty bang" and looked outside his office to see wires arching, and the pole snapped in half.
"The poles along this stretch of road are very close to the edge of the road," he said.
"I immediately called emergency services."

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