Mauled to death

Jane and John with a picture of ‘Chewie’, who was mauled to death by two dogs on Sunday.

Story appeared in: Torch | February 27th, 2018

AN investigation is underway after a family pet was mauled to death by two dogs at Padstow on Sunday.
While Padstow resident Jane was walking Chewie, the family's 'Cavoodle', on a leash along Uranus Road, two Bull Mastiff crosses darted from between a gate onto the footpath, savagely mauling the poodle and a cavalier King Charles spaniel cross. Chewie was dead within minutes.
"I was screaming for help, but it was 7am, and there was no one around," she said.
"It seemed to take forever, but eventually someone started hitting the dogs with a shovel, before they backed off and the owner came. But it was too late."
Jane's husband, John, who doesn't want the family's surname published, said their 10-year-old son is devastated.
"Imagine if it was him walking Chewie?
"It's appalling that this can happen in a suburban street," he said.
"Dogs like this should not be in the suburbs."
A Canterbury Bankstown Council spokesperson says one of the dogs is understood to have been involved in an incident in the Cumberland Council area late last year, which resulted in it being 'declared a dangerous dog'.
"Both animals continue to be held until the investigation is completed. However, it is likely the 'declared dangerous dog' will be euthanised."
The spokesperson says the owners of the dogs are expected to face significant fines, up to $5,500, for failing to follow the requirements under the Dangerous Dog Declaration and the Companion Animals Act.

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