‘Missing’ kidnapped, likely killed

Missing man Raphael Joseph was last seen wearing a grey T-shirt, khaki pants and dark shoes and getting into the back seat of a car in Dartbrook Road at Auburn at about midnight on Friday, March 21.

Story appeared in: Review | March 19th, 2018

ITEMS seized last month as part of an investigation into the 2014 disappearance of Raphael Joseph, are undergoing forensic examination after specialist police used excavators and "other new technology" to search a property at Blaxlands Ridge over several days.
Homicide Squad detective chief inspector Grant Taylor said they now believed that Mr Joseph was kidnapped and murdered by a drug syndicate.
He said detectives had "never stopped investigating" the case and warned those responsible for the murder of the then 37-year-old, that Strike Force Halfbeak had them in their sights.
"Recently our efforts have been rewarded with a series of breakthroughs," he said.
"From the information we've gathered, we believe Mr Joseph was driven from Auburn to another location and murdered.
"We believe Mr Joseph trusted the occupants and voluntarily got into the car, and it's likely he was aware of the drug supply activities.
"We now feel we are very confident in knowing exactly what happened on that fateful day in 2014.
"We have seized a silver commodore that we believe was used in this abduction, and both the commodore and the premise where Raphael was murdered, have been painstakingly forensically examined."
The car allegedly contained a 'stash box', which is believed to be linked to illicit drug supply in the dashboard, and two other vehicles also seized as part of the investigation both allegedly feature professionally-installed secret compartments.
Also known as Rafi Tooma and Hussany, Mr Joseph was a suspect in the 2002 shooting of Dimitri Debaz in Sefton before fleeing to the US.
He was subsequently extradited back to Australia, and spent 18 months in jail before the charges against him were dropped.

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