Young family heartbroken over theft of ‘baby’

Heartbroken: Tristan and Rebecca Kirk at the site where their weeping cherry blossom tree was ripped out and stolen.

Story appeared in: Review | February 26th, 2018

FEELING as though they have lost their first baby, Tristan and Rebecca Kirk were horrified one morning to find that their weeping cherry blossom tree had been ripped out of their front yard.
The brazen thief had struck at their Fourth Avenue, Berala, property in the early hours of January 20.
"It might have seemed just an ordinary tree to the brazen thief that stole it but to us, it was much more than that," Tristan explained.
"It had deep sentimental value, as it was given to us four years ago as wedding gift - and a symbol of love that was to grow with us."
What also made this tree theft extra heartless was the fact it was planted on the same block of land that six generations of Tristan's family have been raised on.
"I can't tell you how disappointing it was to see that the tree, which was about a metre and a half tall, had disappeared that Saturday morning," he said.
"While I don't expect that we will see this tree again, I just hope that someone reading this may have more information; or even the person who stole the tree might feel some remorse for doing so, knowing that they have left a young family heartbroken."
Flemington LAC's Inspector Glasgow said he was not aware of a spate of tree thefts in the area but that residents should always be on the lookout for others acting suspiciously.
"This was probably just a one-off incident," he added.

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