Killers still lurk

Story appeared in: Review | February 19th, 2018

ABOUT 95 per cent of swimming pool inspections carried out by Cumberland Council in 2016-2017 failed their initial inspection.
Acting general manger Hamish McNulty said council staff inspected approximately 175 backyard pools in that period, with most of the failures due to climbable objects surrounding swimming pool fences.
"An unknown number of swimming pools will also have been inspected by private certifiers," he said.
Backyard swimming pools remain the most common location for both drowning death and injury in children under five in NSW and home owners have been required to register their pools online since 2014.
Mr McNulty said that according to the NSW Government's Swimming Pool Register, there were about 3,500 swimming pools within the local government area.
He says Cumberland charges $250 for two inspections with a refund of $100 for those that pass first time around, and owners who fail to comply with regulations risk a $2,200 fine.
"Cumberland Council doesn't carry out random checks to find unregistered pools, but will respond to any safety complaint made by a member of the public, and follow up mandatory referrals from private certifiers regarding non-compliant swimming pools," he said.
Regulations introduced in 2016 also require properties to have a valid pool safety compliance certificate before a property can be sold or leased, with responsibility for administrating the regulations shifting from the Office of Local Government to NSW Fair Trading at the start of this year.
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