Bill’s classic way to get taken for ride

Bill Webb with wife Norma with their 1926 Motel T Ford roadster ahead of last Sunday’s breakfast run to the Auburn Botanic Gardens.

Story appeared in: Review | February 19th, 2018

ARRIVING on Australian shores as knock-down kit in 1908, the first Model Ts were assembled by local dealers with some doing a better job than others.
These days the vintage cars are prized by collectors including members of the Model T Ford Enthusiasts of Australia (NSW) who held a breakfast run to the Auburn Botanic Gardens on Sunday.
Long time club member Bill Webb has owned a couple of different types over the years with his current Model T, a 1926 two-seater roadster which he converted into a utility.
He also owned a four-seater which he sold a few years ago, adding with a laugh that it returned to the family fold recently after it was bought by his son who now owns about half a dozen of the cars in his own right.
"I'm not sure why I like them so much," he said.
"I wanted an old car in my life and this is the one."
Built on an American assembly-line designed by Henry Ford, the production of the Model T revolutionised the car industry and made it possible for ordinary people to afford to own a car.
Torch Publishing managing director John Engisch also recalls that at a time when the police were still using a horse and dray, his grandfather Leslie owned the first Model T in Bankstown which was used to do bulk deliveries of the Torch.
"When there was a murder the police would come out and ask for him to drive them to the murder site to pick up the bodies," Mr Engisch said.
"My father remembered going out with them."
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