Killers still lurk in yard

Story appeared in: Torch | February 20th, 2018

MORE than 60 infringement notices have been issued in Canterbury Bankstown for breaching the tough new guidelines introduced for backyard pool owners in the last 18 months.
Since the amalgamation of Canterbury and Bankstown councils in May 2016, 63 breaches have been identified, predominantly for non-compliant fencing, unregistered pools and failing to carry out necessary safety improvements as required.
A Canterbury Bankstown Council spokesperson said 9,000 home owners have listed their pools online since the introduction of legislation compelling registration in 2014. The NSW Government legislation requires pool owners statewide to comply with strict safety codes, and after meeting those standards, register online.
Under the legislation, councils also became responsible for policing the registration, and inspecting pools.
The inspections can cost pool owners up to $150 for the first visit, and $100 if a second visit is required.
Owners who fail to comply with the new regulations risk a $2,200 fine.
A council spokesperson said that over the last financial year, 930 pools were inspected in Canterbury Bankstown and - while most were non-compliant on first inspection - 99 per cent were compliant on follow-up inspections.
The main reasons for non-compliance included: The pool was a cheap, blow-up pool without any pool fence; maintenance issues, such as plants or trees growing into the 'No Climb Zone' close to the pool fence; and pool gates not self-latching.

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