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Everyone's encouraged to follow the good work of the Wolli Creek Preservation Society and help out on Clean Up Australia Day.

Story appeared in: Torch | February 19th, 2018

THEIR commitment to caring for the bushland is what will motivate a group of more than 30 volunteers, who will take part in this year's Clean Up Australia Day.
The Wolli Creek Preservation Society (WCPS) has been involved in Clean Up Australia Day for more than eight years and has a passion for improving the Wolli Creek Regional Park.
WCPS Coordinator, Ute Foster, said she hoped Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday, March 4, would make the community more aware of the value of the Regional Park which was on their doorstep.
"It's a precious pocket of bushland in Sydney," Ms Foster said.
"I'm proud when I see that our efforts have vastly improved a number of different sites in the Regional Park.
"There are areas that have previously been used as illegal dumping sites and we have managed to clean a lot of those up."
City of Canterbury Bankstown Mayor, Khal Asfour, said the council cleans up 2,500 tons of illegally dumped rubbish each year - enough to fill 250 trucks.
"Last year, volunteers collected a further four tons of litter from our parks and waterways, on Clean Up Australia Day, at 50 sites across our City," Mayor Asfour said.
"Clean Up Australia Day is an opportunity for the community to come together to do their bit in helping us make Canterbury-Bankstown an even better place to live in.
"In just an hour, you can help make a difference to the environment.
"I encourage all residents to consider taking part and play a role in showing they care."
The Wolli Creek Preservation Society will be one of more than 80 local groups taking part in this year's Clean Up Australia Day, with the council providing bags and disposing of the collected rubbish.
To find out where you can help clean-up, go to

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