Keep phones out of classroom, most say

Story appeared in: Torch | February 13th, 2018

STUDENTS should leave their phones in lockers or at home during class, was the majority view from shoppers when asked by the Torch last week. With debate over whether mobile phones should be banned from the classroom, as they disrupt learning and provide a platform for bullying, most people approached agreed that some sort of restriction was needed.

Rhonda Farquhar, Menai: "Mobile phones and other devices should be collected from the students at the beginning of each class and placed in a box until the end of the lesson. They are a complete distraction and shouldn't be allowed in the classroom."

Brooke Monseigneur, Bangor: "Younger primary school age students should not be allowed to have a mobile phone in the classroom. However, older students, I believe, should be able to have devices in the classroom because it aids learning and research."

Grace, Bangor: "I don't think students should have mobile phones in the classroom. They can be used in bullying. We never needed mobile phones when I went to school, and we still managed."

Alan Davis, Revesby: "I don't put too much relevance on technology. You've only got to see the result when technology fails in banks and other institutions. These devices do not help independent thought."

Alif Ikram, Georges Hall: "I always turn my phone off in the classroom. It can cause me not to focus, and can be a distraction."

Russell Simonds, Greenacre: "It depends on the age of the child, whether they should be allowed to have their devices in class. Younger students don't need mobile phones in class, although there is an argument for older students to have them for learning purposes."

Todd Gauci, Miranda: "Students should place their mobile phones in a box at the front of the classroom during lessons. If they are caught with their phones during class, they should be appropriately disciplined.

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