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Story appeared in: Review | February 12th, 2018

SCAMMERS are targeting elderly women with Asian backgrounds, ripping them off for money as well as jewellery, and police are urging anyone who may have been targeted to contact them.
Flemington Local Area Command's crime manager, Detective Chief Inspector Barry Vincent, said the scam involved fraudsters warning superstitious elderly women that some terrible accident would strike their beloved family members.
"Fraudsters claim that they can offer a 'blessing service' to help the victims, and persuade them to handover their cash and jewellery," he said.
"Victims are instructed to put valuable items and money into a sealed bag.
"During a 'blessing service', the fraudsters remove valuables and substitute bottles of mineral water, stones or scrap items and victims only discover they have been tricked some time afterwards when they open the bag.
"We believe there may be more silent victims, who are embarrassed by the fraud incidents and who are yet to report it to the police."
Det Chf Insp Vincent said that in one report made last month, an elderly lady was approached at the shops near Flemington Railway Station.
"Subsequently she was the victim of a theft and a fraud," he said.
"We believe other persons may have also been approached but not reported it to us.
"We are certainly keen to speak to anyone who has been approached or may have been a victim of a similar type of fraud."
Anyone with information about scams, should contact Auburn Police on 9646 8699 or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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