Keep fests, senior units

Story appeared in: Review | February 12th, 2018

IN narrow votes, two rescission motions were rejected at Cumberland Council's first meeting for 2018.
Councillors Ned Attie, Joseph Rahme and Michael Zaiter unsuccessfully tried to overturn a December 13 decision to reinstate the Auburn Festival and Petfest events in 2018/19.
Cr Attie said it would be better discuss holding new events to bring the community together.
"We are not Auburn anymore, we are not Holroyd anymore, we are Cumberland now," he said.
However Cr Campbell, who along with Kun Huang moved the original motion to put the events back on the calendar, said residents had complained to him about the axing of the festivals.
"The Auburn Festival was abolished by an unelected administrator without any consultation with the community, in the haste to obliterate anything that smacked of Auburn," he said.
"The festival should return to the streets of Auburn and fuel a resurgent community pride."
A move to overturn the cancellation of a review into Seniors Housing Units owned by the council, which included options to outsource their management, to lease the land for other uses or to sell them, also failed.
Cr Zaiter argued that he simply wanted "all the information" available.
"At the end of the day, we have the option to vote against all the options. I have no problem with that but give me the information to make my own mind up," he said.
Denying that he wanted the units sold off, Cr Attie said the report would have provided councillors with "professional opinions from the outside world".
With the review cancelled, Cr Campbell said residents in the Seniors Units could now be assured that their accommodation was secure.
Two more rescission motions related to new train timetables and the restoration of the Inner West Rail Line were shelved when councillors ran out of time to discuss them.

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