Mum devoted to charity

Georgina Atlas with her son George. Georgina is appealing for financial support, through donations, and/or volunteers for her charity, which helps children with bowel disease.

Story appeared in: Torch | February 13th, 2018

NINE years ago when Georgina Atlas gave birth to her son George, her life would change forever.
"My child has Hirschsprung's disease," the mother of three said.
Georgina's experience has inspired her to help other children with bowel disorders.
The not-for-profit charity, Help for Hirschsprung Disease, assists families who have children suffering with bowel disease.
Georgina gave up her paid employment to concentrate full-time on the charity.
"I wanted to be the support I never had," she said.
"It's almost an invisible disease, and there really is nothing out there for us."
The charity supplies toiletry bags at no charge and stoma bears to children's hospitals across Australia. Last year, Help for Hirschsprung Disease supplied over 300 Stoma Bears and 400 toiletry bags to hospitals and schools.
"These bags and bears have been a real game-changer for all our bowel families.
"Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide our bears and bags to every children's hospital across Australia."
Georgina, who grew-up in Campsie, and calls Ashfield home, along with her husband, Anthony, besides George, are also raising Rita, 7, and Alexander, 3.
George's first years of life were spent in and out of the children's hospital at Randwick.
"We had a good couple of years - or so we thought - and then October 2015 he became very ill and we are still on the road to recovery," she said.
Georgina is appealing for financial support, through donations, and/or volunteers.
For further information or to make a donation, visit

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