Arrest over inmate killing

Story appeared in: Review | February 12th, 2018

AN inmate at Silverwater jail has been charged with the murder of another prisoner on Friday afternoon.
Officers from the Flemington Local Area Command (LAC) were called to the facility on Holker Street at 3.30pm after a 54-year-old man was allegedly assaulted by another inmate.
NSW Ambulance paramedics rendered first aid to the injured man before he was taken to hospital but he died a short time later.
Investigators subsequently arrested and charged a 44-year-old inmate at the jail on Sunday evening.

Over 1,200 on phone in a day
MORE than 1,200 infringements were issued across the state to drivers using mobile phones in a single day police operation on Wednesday.
Targeting dangerous driver behaviour, officers involved in Operation Compliance 1 also issued 137 fines for drivers not keeping left and 586 infringements for defective vehicles.
Commander of the Traffic and Highway Patrol, assistant commissioner Michael Corboy, said despite numerous warnings and the obvious dangers to drivers and innocent road users, the message not to text and drive was "just not getting through".
"For anyone to take their eyes and concentration off the road and onto a phone while driving, shows a complete disregard for personal safety and the safety of everyone else on the road," he said.
"We have already lost 46 lives on NSW roads this year and the greatest tragedy is that many deaths were avoidable if people took responsibility for their actions and for the maintenance of the vehicles they are driving.
"Now is the time for all drivers, riders, cyclists and pedestrians to reconsider their own behaviour on our roads, and not take what are perfect driving conditions today, for granted."

Don't process any card unseen
POLICE have urged businesses to be wary of scammers following a number of recent fraudulent EFTPOS transactions.
Acting commander of the State Crime Command Financial Crimes Squad, detective acting superintendent Matthew Craft, said that in some recent incidents, small business owners received an email from a person who claims to be overseas and not able to call, or attend the business personally.
"The caller asks the business to process credit card payments for either their services or the services of someone else, and a credit card number(s) is provided," he said.
"The business operator manually enters the credit card numbers on their EFTPOS terminal and charge the credit card, believing they will receive the funds.
"The business then sends the same amount of money to someone else, only to be informed a few days later that the credit card transactions were reversed, and are left with the debt."
He warned that any small business receiving an email requesting them to process credit card payments without physically sighting the credit card and the actual card holder, should be viewed with suspicion.
"Merchants need to be aware about the dangers of completing financial transactions over the telephone with individuals you don't know and whose identity you cannot confirm," he said.
Anyone who has been targeted or who has concerns, should contact their financial institution's help desk for advice and anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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