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Story appeared in: Review | February 12th, 2018

KICKING off their careers as doctors, 10 medical graduates have begun a year-long internship at Auburn Hospital.
Along with another 70 starting internships at Westmead Hospital, they are part of a record 999 interns who began work on hospital wards across the State last week.
The new intake increases the number of junior medical officers across the district to almost 800 and Westmead Hospital's chief medical advisor Associate Professor Roslyn Crampton welcomed the new recruits.
"We know that our future Westmead precinct will be in the hands of these younger doctors who will have technological advances and knowledge that will build on the excellent care we are providing," she said.
"Westmead Hospital provides a rich training experience across all specialist areas including medicine, surgery and emergency medicine."
Among the new interns is Emma Hollands who is following in the footsteps of her father Dr Michael Hollands, a surgeon who has worked at Westmead hospital for the past 30 years
The 30-year-old, who still has fond memories of Westmead from when she was a toddler, says she can't wait to start working in the hospital's emergency department.
"After studying for so long it's fantastic to land my dream job," she said.
"My Dad used to bring my siblings and I into the hospital when he was doing his ward rounds and ward clerk Kathleen Leeder used to keep a close eye on us.
"Eating lots of ice cream is something I remember vividly."

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