Brushing up to rejuvenate Metro roof car park

Andrew Dennis with his team atop the Metro rooftop car park.

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | February 7th, 2018

MARRICKVILLE Metro rooftop car park has been transformed into a sea of colour, with local muralist Andrew Dennis (formerly known as Jumbo) commissioned to paint a series of murals.
The project is one of the largest that Andrew has taken on and he worked with a team of artists and sign writers to develop the work.
Known for his abstract murals, Andrew uses a signature palette of soft colourful hues. His murals typically use dense shapes to depict plants, animals and characters – and his work has become a recognisable and ambient backdrop to the Inner West.
Working in hot, sunny and sometimes windy conditions at the car park can be a challenge, however Andrew describes the work as fun: "People young and old like to stop and have a chat to us. I'm interested in people's reactions. I like to think that I'm not describing 'anything in particular' with my murals, more beautifying very vacant looking spaces – urban rejuvenation in a way. I'm also curious about the process of appealing to different types of people.
"Colour is very prevalent in my work, and I think the use of particular colours is one way to appeal to different people."

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