What’s lurking below

The 3.5m bull shark caught in the Georges River last week weighed about 150kgs.

Story appeared in: Torch | January 23rd, 2018

SWIMMERS are having second thoughts before taking a dip into the murky depths of the Georges River after a 3.5m bull shark was caught off Picnic Point last Wednesday.
Two fishermen, who hooked the shark near Revesby Beach, posted the photos on social media.
Andrew Lazarides, owner of Mac's Bait Bar at Blakehurst, who reposted the image of the catch from a closed Facebook group, told the Torch that there's nothing unusual about bull sharks in the Georges River.
"They're right under your noses people. They come up into the warmer water to breed," he said.
Mr Lazarides said several bull sharks have been caught in the river over the last few weeks, ranging in length from two to 2.5m. The 3.5m shark caught last week, weighed about 150kgs.
"I would suggest people to use common sense and not swim in the river at dusk or dawn, or when there are large schools of fish about," he said.
Fishers at Picnic Point, spoken to by the Torch on Thursday, said they were aware of the shark dangers lurking in the Georges River.
"They don't bother me," Jarrod Brown said.
"I know they're out there. I know not to swim in the river."
Jason Riviere, who was throwing a line at Fitzpatrick Park, wasn't as nonchalant.
"I was shocked when I saw the posting on Facebook," he said.
"You wouldn't think you would get a shark that big so far up the river."
Another fisher, who only wanted to be known as James, said, shark or not, he would never swim in the river.
"The water isn't clean enough," he said.
Fadi El-Loun, who was picnicking with his family at the park, said he wouldn't allow his children into the river.
"Although you wouldn't expect a bull shark in the river, you never know," he said.

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