Chaos adds hour to day

Rayan Elsayd. , who catches the train daily from revesby to university: “I have no problem with the new timetable. People can be a little harsh sometimes.”

Story appeared in: Torch | January 16th, 2018

ILLAWONG resident John Lovelly's regular routine, driving his car to Revesby to catch a train into the city for work, was disrupted last Tuesday when he was one of the thousands of Sydney commuters caught up in major delays on the rail network.
"On my way home, the train was packed, and travelling so slow along the City Circle, I decided to jump off at Museum Station and walk to Central," he said.
"I think I got there quicker on foot, than the train."
Mr Lovelly said as a result of last week's rail meltdown, he arrived home about an hour late. Shrugging his shoulders, Mr Lovelly was forgiving of the delays, saying people should expect hiccups when there's major changes to timetables.
"Sydney people are a bit stoic, I suppose. We put up with things like this, and get on with life," he said.
Mr Lovelly said the changes to the Sydney Trains timetable only slightly inconveniences his routine.
"It hasn't made much difference to my schedule," he said.
Most people the Torch spoke to at Revesby Railway Station last Thursday, were not so forgiving, and blamed Sydney Trains for what they called an unsustainable timetable.
One woman, who didn't want to be named, said the new timetable added over an hour to her working day. Her weekday rail trip from her home at Padstow to her work place at Revesby, meant she had to wake an hour earlier, and wait an extra 30 minutes to catch a train home.
"I'm not happy at all with the changes," she said.
Michael Carvana from Illawong, said the new timetable was a "shamozal", although he says he believed Sydney Trains was doing its best under difficult circumstances.

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