Former nurse still devoted as carer

Judith Lababedi (back right) with Western Sydney Local Heath District staff.

Story appeared in: Review | January 15th, 2018

A RETIRED nurse consultant, Judith Lababedi is one of 45 volunteer Consumer Representatives (CR) working across the Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) which includes Auburn and Westmead hospitals.
Volunteers are carefully selected and trained health consumers who want to be involved in the decisions made by the health service - with the aim of building a better health service for everyone and more are needed across the WSLHD.
Mrs Lababedi says in her role she can identify the things that go wrong and the simple things that could be done to make that person's experience okay when they are in hospital.
"I understand the difficulties that staff have, workloads, pressures, but I also understand how it is to be a carer and what it's like for a patient," Judith said.
"Nothing complicated, nothing that costs money, just simple things that health professionals could do to make a patient's experience better."
For more information on volunteering as a Consumer Representative, call Coralie Wales on 0418 186 829, Tara Lee on 0437 874 244 or visit

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