Mates check out moves

Canterbury Bankstown Chess Club’s Fred Flatlow and Alexandre Merhi contemplate their next move. The club, which meets at the Lakemba Club on Monday evenings, welcomes new members.

Story appeared in: Torch | January 16th, 2018

A VISIT to the Lakemba Club on a Monday evening can find members of the Canterbury Bankstown Chess Club deep in thought, contemplating their next move.
The club's secretary, 62-year-old Alexandre Merhi, said he had been a chess player since the age of 14, and was a firm believer in encouraging older people to take up the board game.
"Chess is fantastic for older people," he said.
"It's a great and wonderful tool to fight against dementia.
"The game promotes logical thinking, and problem solving.
"It teaches people to think deeply.
"I call it my mental sport."
Mr Merhi joined the Canterbury Bankstown Chess Club in 2009, and said that although membership wasn't large, it was healthy.
"We can have up to 20 members during the summer months, ranging from their late teens to early 80s, playing chess at Lakemba on a Monday night," Mr Merhri said.
"Members come from a diverse cross section of the community and multicultural backgrounds.
"We're a friendly club and welcome new members."
Mr Merhi said the club staged tournaments between members, and also regularly played championships against other clubs in the Sydney metropolitan area.
Members meet at 7.30pm on Mondays at the Lakemba Club. Official tournaments get underway next month. For further information on the club, visit

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