HipHop along to free mentoring for fest

Free mentoring workshops are on offer from next Wednesday ahead of the 4Elements HipHop Festival from March 8-11.

Story appeared in: Torch | January 16th, 2018

A NUMBER of mentoring workshops will be held at Bankstown Arts Centre ahead of this year's annual 4Elements HipHop Festival.
The free mentoring workshops will be held from Wednesday next week and will focus on music, dance and graffiti, until the three-day festival begins on March 8.
For the first time in its four-year history, the Bankstown festival has been extended into three days to include a seminar. It will feature an array of talent and interactive spaces, with a cast of over 100 diverse artists showcasing their talent through performances, such as rap and dance 'battles', a 65m live graffiti and street art wall, exhibition galleries, hip hop and music resource room, industry panels and opportunities to network with the artists and industry professionals.
Artist and music mentor, 'Mirrah' says the workshops are a way to support performers in the lead-up to the festival.
"As mentors we wish to introduce what may work for them as individual talents and strengthen them to rise in their musical goals," Mirrah said.
Graffiti artist Mikey 'Jesta157' Freedom says the festival is an opportunity for "diversity finding commonality" through a shared love of hip hop.
"Audiences will discover not simply a genre of music or style of art, but a rich tapestry of urban expression; something that invites all new comers to take part in," he said.
Festival spokesperson Vyvienne Abla says the festival's seminars, on March 8 and 9, will provide honest, uncensored conversations to unpack what's really going on within the hip hop scene and music industry.
To register for workshops, visit

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