Results attract early Uni offer

Auburn Girls High students Tejashwini Gadale, Zeynep Pekenti and Sandra Sarem check out their HSC results.

Story appeared in: Review | December 18th, 2017

AMONG the thousands of Year 12 students waiting nervously for a text message or an email showing their much anticipated HSC results last week, were Auburn Girls High School (AGHS) students Sandra Sarem and Zeynep Pekenti.
The 17-year-olds were both generally pleased by their marks, with a couple of better than expected results, and they have each also already received early university offers for next year, with Sandra planning to study psychology and Zeynep to start commerce studies.
Asked what her advice to next year's Year 12 students would be, Sandra said that while the exams "are important" they shouldn't let it overwhelm them.
"If you stress more than you study, you won't achieve what you want to achieve," she said.
Zeynep also suggested trying to stay consistent and to take a focused approached to the HSC.
"I would rather spend time studying than being anxious," she said.
"Yes, it's a big milestone in your life but it's not worth stressing over."
Congratulating the AGHS Year 12 cohort, principal Anna Tsoutsa said they had some excellent results.
"There were many outstanding individual achievements and 100 Band 5 and Band 6 results (that is above 80) across the grade," she said.
The secretary of the NSW Department of Education, Mark Scott said that every student who had completed their HSC deserved recognition.
"All students who have completed the HSC have succeeded in a world-class education system and now have the experience and skills to follow their dreams."
Education Minister Rob Stokes also urged students not to panic if their results did not meet their expectations and said the results were just one of the pathways to success.
"Our education system provides many different opportunities beyond the HSC," Mr Stokes said.

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