Turning words into sport

Wordsport Games developer, Jon Hillman explains his new game to Joseph Camilleri and Mike Weatherly.

Story appeared in: Torch | February 16th, 2018

A FORMER Bankstown teacher, concerned with the steady decline in children's literacy and numeracy levels, has developed a card game that he says is both enjoyable and educational.
The Wordsport Games package was developed by Jon Hillman because, he says, he believes that learning should be fun.
"There is an indisputable link between lower levels of literacy and poverty throughout the world - that's why a portion of Wordsport Games proceeds is going to UNICEF," Mr Hillman said.
The package consists of some 60 games. "The main game in the pack is best described as 'Scrabble on steroids'," Mr Hillman said.
"Like most of the games in the pack, it can be played with the basic rules by primary schoolers ... but with the full rules, it is a very tactical game that even the most literate adults will enjoy."
Mr Hillman said Wordsport Games would be introduced to schools and to retirement villages next year, and he plans tournaments with substantial prizes on offer for the inaugural champions.
"I am proud that this all Australian creation has also been devised and assembled in our area," he said.
As a special introductory offer, Mr Hillman has two Wordsport Games packages to give away to Torch readers. Readers can enter by emailing wordsportgames@gmail.com or posting to "Wordsport Games Giveaway" at 47 Allingham Street, Condell Park, 2200.
Every person entering the competition will also receive a 33 per cent discount on the retail price of $29.95, reducing the cost of Wordsport Games to $20.

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