Nurses wear festive garb to give patients cheery lift

Getting into the Christmas spirit, nurses from St Joseph’s Hospital Auburn’s St Camillus Palliative Care Unit are wearing festive scrubs throughout December.

Story appeared in: Review | December 18th, 2017

SHARING a little of the spirit of season with patients and visitors, nurses in the the St Camillus Palliative Care Unit at St Joseph's Hospital Auburn, have put on their festive scrubs in the lead-up to Christmas.
Clinical nurse educator Maria Senatore said uniform changes started last year and judging by the enthusiastic response, it looked set to become an annual tradition.
"It is wonderful to watch the expression on people's faces when you walk into the room and introduce yourself to people when you come to work," she said.
"The smile on their face and the joyfulness in their eyes, shows you have made a difference to someone's day."
One patient, who did not want to be named, commented that seeing the nurses in the colourful scrubs made it "feel more like Christmas".
"It gives people hope and brings in normality," he said.

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