Book of 100 treasured tales

Story appeared in: Seniors | December 6th, 2017

BUILDING wooden Porsches, meeting the Pope, finding and losing love, manning fishing trawlers in a storm, life at age 101, and humorous moments with modern technology, are all but a handful of real life stories revealed in this year's Seniors' Stories Volume 3.
Minister for Ageing, Tanya Davies, launched the highly anticipated, non-fiction publication, bursting with 100 treasured stories written by everyday NSW seniors.
"These seniors' stories are truly extraordinary and we can all learn from the incredible tales of achievement, loss, creativity and connection," Mrs Davies said.
"This book will not only make you laugh and cry, it will inspire and help build greater connections between young and old in our communities."
An initiative of the NSW Seniors Card, members were invited to contribute to the book.
The chapters of the book correlate with the five priorities of the NSW Government's Ageing Strategy 2016-2020 - health and wellbeing, working and retiring, housing choices, getting around and inclusive communities.
"I encourage everyone to download a copy of the book or find it in your nearest library, you will not be disappointed," Mrs Davies said.
Seniors' Stories Volume 3 will be available at all local libraries or download at copy at

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