Win awards over sustainability results

Recognised for their outstanding sustainability achievements, some of the winners of the 2017 Inner West Council’s Business Environment Awards.

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | December 6th, 2017

MORE than 20 local businesses have been recognised in this year's Inner West Council Business Environment Awards with Mayor Darcy Byrne describing their sustainability achievements as outstanding.
"The Sustainability Leadership winner, Addison Road Community Centre, is diverting 97 per cent of its waste," he said.
"Its Food Pantry feeds 2,000 hungry families each week while at the same time diverting 48 tonnes of food waste from local businesses."
Addison Road CC was also a finalist for the Rethink Waste, Community Leadership, and Sustainable Innovation awards.
Young Henrys Brewing Company in Newtown picked up both the Beyond our Four Walls award for being an 'influential advocate for sustainable brewing' as well as the Energy Smart award for reducing waste and emissions through its packaging decisions.
"Plus, each day Young Henrys sends a tonne of spent grain from brewing to feed animals, grow mushrooms, make bread and pickles, and fertilise community gardens," Cr Byrne said.
Black Star Pastry in Newtown and the Marrickville Youth Resource Centre were also both finalists for the Energy Smart award.
The Rethink Waste award went to the Cornersmith Café and Picklery in Marrickville and Annandale which traded a tonne of excess citrus with community members, for use in its kitchens this winter.
Recognised for their leading role in community sustainability and collaboration with more than 35 groups, the Reverse Garbage Co-operative in Marrickville won the Community Leadership award, while Pocket City Farms in Camperdown, won the Sustainability Leadership award and was a finalist in two other categories.
Other award finalists included Newtown's Alfalfa House Community Food Co-op and Bodhi Books and Gifts, Village Wholefoods in Marrickville, the Petersham Bowling Club and Kindershare.

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