Strong response to first ‘Return, Earn’ station

The first Return and Earn station in the Inner West, at Addison Road Community Centre, launched on Friday, with the response being very strong among the local community.

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | December 6th, 2017

THE first of its kind in the Inner West, a Return and Earn station, or reverse vending machine, where used beverage containers can be returned for credit under NSW's new container deposit scheme, opened at Addison Road Community Centre on Friday.
With the scheme expected to reduce litter across the state by 40 percent by 2020, the Marrickville response to the Return and Earn station has been overwhelming, according to Environment Program Co ordinator Rosy Porter.
"The Inner West community are already very environmental conscious so it fits our community and our organisational aims," she said.
"The use thus far has been very strong, in particular children love it as there is an element of fun to it - watching the big planet warrior monster eat the trash and then eject money in the form of a voucher.
"Many families are also opting to donate the money and parents are using this as an opportunity to educate their children about environmental and social matters. Local businesses love it because it saves them money on waste disposal. Also our poor and vulnerable community members that access our subsidised groceries through our food pantry program, are loving it because it is a way that they earn a little extra cash to make ends meet."
ARCCO CEO Rosanna Barbero said: "This is our commitment to social, economic and environmental justice.
"If our tenants who are our current members, vote for a constitution change, we will become a charity next year, allowing us to be one of the charity recipients. This will help us raise desperately needed funds to ensure sustainability of our programs that benefit people and planet."

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