Talents to amaze you at club this weekend

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | December 6th, 2017

PULLING out all stops to ensure members have a fantastic weekend of entertainment, Petersham RSL is featuring a talented line-up of wonderful performers guaranteed to ensure your evening is a memorable one.
Kicking off the tunes on Thursday from 7.30pm, the accomplished Evan Willkins will transport you to other worlds.
Unleashing his special magic, Evan covers a range of top 40, funk, soul, R'n'B and classic rock tunes.
Capable of picking up almost any instrument and playing almost any song you've ever heard, Evan has a close and passionate relationship with the art of sound.
Evan has performed in the Sydney local music scene for over 10 years and had the pleasure of supporting acts such as Darryl Braithwaite, Dragon, Hermitude & Earth Boy.
Next up on Friday from 7.30pm, is the legendary singer-guitarist Tony Remedios who has been entertaining for over 30 years.
Coming from a string of tribute and cover bands – Beatnix, Echoes, Fab Four and recently, 60s Charttoppers, he still maintains a strong passion for the music he loves.
His main forte lies in the delivery of authentic cover versions being able to emulate whichever singer he covers - think classic gold of the 50s, 60s and 70s.
Then on Saturday at the special time from 6.30pm, catch Johnny V who has performed in venues from pubs and festivals, through to major casinos.
Johnny has an original singer songwriter sound and lyrics that compare to the likes of Shawn Mullins and Kris Kristofferson. Music is definitely in his veins.
For more info, call 9560 8355 or visit petershamrsl.com.au.

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