‘Connecting’ with others

Start ‘connecting’ with others again

Story appeared in: Seniors | December 6th, 2017

AT Connect Hearing, people are at the heart of everything they do.
Staff pride themselves on re-connecting clients' lives.
Allen Mitchell, 64, has been a client with Connect Hearing Revesby for over five years. He first had his hearing tested many years earlier, when he noticed he was struggling to hear with any background noise present.
However, it was only upon seeing his hearing impaired mother-in-law struggling to communicate with loved ones that he decided to finally seek out a hearing solution.
Allen had been reluctant to get hearing aids because he was concerned they would be too obvious. However, he needn't have worried as the aids are so discreet.
Since having his hearing aids fitted, Allen's quality of life has significantly improved. His advice to other people suffering from hearing loss is to take action early: "First step, just make an appointment to have your hearing tested on 9394 8475."

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