Win for fake news decipher skill

Georges Hall student Tiffany Stelmaszak’s ability to decipher fake news from quality reporting has won her an award as a media literacy leader.

Story appeared in: Torch | December 21st, 2017

TIFFANY Stelmaszak knows her fake news from the real thing.
In fact, the Georges Hall student's ability to decipher rubbish news from quality reporting, has been acknowledged by Australia's only national youth newspaper, Crinkling News, from over 100 applicants as a media literacy leader.
"I was stunned to be selected, I couldn't believe it," Tiffany said.  
At the Crinkling News forum, successful applicants were divided into 12 groups, with Tiffany assigned to discuss the topic, Access to the Media.  
The Year 6 Georges River Grammar student experienced the universe of news headlines and deciphering quality news from fake news.
"I think it's important that kids are aware of news in a more understandable way," she said.
"We need headlines for kids, headlines that attract our attention, so kids can comprehend."
Tiffany has since addressed her Year 6 class and shared her valuable experience, passing on her experience in identifying and clarifying news, via the many facets of media available to young people today.

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