Probe into building another water park

The push is on for a water park to be built at Campbell Hill Pioneer Reserve, Guildford.

Story appeared in: Review | November 20th, 2017

ANOTHER water park, similar to those operating at Granville and Merrylands, could be developed at Guildford with a push to look into costings at this week's Cumberland Council meeting.
Councillors Tom Zreika and Paul Garrard will on Wednesday night seek the support of their colleagues for a financial report into the development of the water park at Campbell Hill Pioneer Reserve, Guildford
The proposal also includes the construction of a community hall and on-site parking for no less than 50 cars.
"Although Pioneer Reserve is a popular venue for locals, it's quite bare and needs attention," Cr Zreika said.
"The Reserve has plenty of green space as well as the infrastructure to support the idea. The site however offers little in the way of user facilities and is quite boring. It would also require its own on-site parking, so as to minimise the traffic on Campbell Hill Road."
Cr Zreika commissioned his own drawings to illustrate his idea to the council.
Cr Garrard said he was a big supporter of water parks, and believed Guildford was an ideal site for such a facility.
"The location is near the border of two local government areas and as it's in a regional park, could attract state government funding," Cr Garrard said.
"That could ease the financial pain.
"I realise that these type of parks can be expensive to construct. We are just asking for a financial report at this stage to see if the project is viable."
Crs Zreika and Garrard want the report, with broad concept plans, to proceed and brought back for consideration by the council in April 2018.

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