Same sex marriage wins

Story appeared in: Review | November 20th, 2017

THE majority of Australians have voted in favour of changing the law to allow same-sex marriage.
Australian Statistician David Kalisch announced the results of the postal survey at 10am on Wednesday, confirming the survey had delivered a 'Yes' result.
The majority of Australians indicated that the law should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry, with 7,817,247 (61.6 per cent) responding 'Yes' and 4,873,987 (38.4 per cent) responding 'No'.
Nearly eight out of 10 eligible Australians (79.5 per cent) expressed their view.
In the electorate of Blaxland, 57,926 (73.9 per cent) of the 78,332 surveys returned voted 'No', while just 20,406 (26.1 per cent) voted 'Yes'.
Federal Labor MP for Blaxland, Jason Clare, said he was not surprised with the result.
"Blaxland is a very socially conservative electorate," he said.
"I've always known the views of my electorate on this issue and I've always been upfront with them about mine."
In the electorate of Reid, the 'Yes' vote had a narrow victory, with 43,567 (52.7 per cent) in favour of equal-marriage, and 39,061 (47.3 per cent) rejecting the proposition.

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