Children at school to prepare for kindy

Story appeared in: Review | November 20th, 2017

THERE were plenty of smiles and just a few tears as nearly 70 children got their first taste of what to expect when they start their formal education at Guildford Public School next year.
Deputy principal Salam Haidar said the four and five year olds and their parents were taking part in the school's Kindergarten Transition Program.
She said most children separated quite easily from their parents, although there were a few tears as the children headed off towards the classrooms with the teachers.
"But they settled quickly once they arrived," she said.
"For the next three weeks the children will be engaged in a range of developmental activities to help them become familiar with school and routines which will assist them with the transition to school in 2018.
"This also gives teachers the opportunity to get to know the children and identify their needs as well as how to best support them in this transition."
Parents will also participate in workshops on how to help their children at home.

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