Parking crackdown angering residents

One of the residents stung by a fine for parking too close to the corner of Harrow Road and Union Road at Auburn

Story appeared in: Review | November 13th, 2017

FOUR drivers have been stung with a $257 fine for parking within 10 metres of a corner in Auburn during a crackdown by Cumberland Council rangers.
One resident who copped a ticket, and who did not want to be identified, said he was fined after parking near the corner of Union Road and Harrow Road after rangers "aggressively targeted" the area.
"I was about six metres from the curb," he said.
"I didn't realise it wasn't 10 metres, how can you tell? There is no sign post to show you how far away you are.
"Other people have been booked and they also say they didn't know."
Cumberland General Manager Malcolm Ryan said rangers acted after receiving a complaint from a concerned local resident that vehicles were parked too close to the corner and obstructing the view of motorists as they navigated the intersection.
He said according to the Road Rules 2014, cars could not be parked within 10 metres of any intersection, which is about two car lengths.
"To promote compliance with these rules and make sure residents and drivers are safe, the council's Parking Patrol Team have been monitoring the area and infringing any vehicle observed to be parked within 10 metres of the intersection," he said.
"Since the time that the council received the complaint, four infringements have been issued which the council hopes will change the behaviours of those parking illegally and increase overall road safety in the area."

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