Must keep stadium vow

Story appeared in: Review | November 13th, 2017

THE State Government has been urged to keep its promise and prioritise the redevelopment of ANZ Stadium ahead of developing Allianz Stadium at Moore Park.
The Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue chairman, Christopher Brown, said the debate over stadia funding had dragged on for too long and that with the NSW Government close to finalising its decision, it couldn't afford to go back on its word.
"Most people had thought that this matter had been put to bed last year, when Premier Baird and the entire NSW Cabinet committed to investing in the redevelopment of ANZ Stadium, to create a world-class rectangular sporting venue at Sydney Olympic Park, in the centre of Sydney," he said.
"But politics, and the influence of a few people who have long-championed a new stadium at Moore Park, have skewed what should have been an open and shut case.
"Their failure to accept the umpire's decision has created an unnecessarily messy situation and I can understand the public's frustration.
"The people of Western Sydney want leadership, decisiveness and accountability – not an unsure Government that continually changes its mind."
"There are two things that Western Sydney care passionately about - rugby league and keeping your word - and the region is watching closely."

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