Admits role to keep plants under control

Bankstown's Eamon McCann has raised concerns about the overgrown vegetation along busy Brunker Road at Yagoona.

Story appeared in: Torch | November 14th, 2017

DANGEROUS vegetation along busy Brunker Road at Yagoona, will be pruned back this week.
Bankstown resident Eamon McCann says he was told by Canterbury Bankstown Council to redirect his complaints about the vegetation, which in parts over-hangs the southern side of the verge by over a metre, to Sydney Water.
The construction of units along Brunker Road has seen the introduction of a right turn lane into the new development, which forces westward flowing vehicles towards the southern kerb. Mr McCann says that as a result, traffic brushes against trees for a length of 250m.
After raising concern, Mr McCann said he was contacted by the council and told he would need to contact Sydney Water, owners of the property, to have the trees pruned.
"I've noticed bicycle riders struggle to manoeuvre along the road and at times, being nearly hit by cars and trucks. It has become very dangerous," he said.
After inquiries by the Torch late last week, the council admitted it was its responsibility to keep vegetation clear from the kerbside along that stretch of road.
"Council officers have inspected the site and have scheduled pruning to take place early next week," a spokesperson said.
The spokesperson said the steepness of the embankment made it impossible to construct a footpath on the southern side of the road.

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