Must ease traffic pain headache

Hicham Zraika on the corner of Wellington And Chisholm Roads at Auburn, where a line traffic regularly banks up during the morning and afternoon peaks.

Story appeared in: Review | October 16th, 2017

CALLING on Cumberland Council to find a solution to peak hour congestion on two main routes between Auburn and South Granville, former Auburn Councillor Hicham Zraika has launched an online petition at
The petition 'Solve the traffic problems during peak hours on Wellington Rd and Mona St, Auburn, has already attracted nearly 500 signatures.
After being expelled from the Labor Party, Mr Zraika stood as an independent candidate at the recent Cumberland Council elections and said the issue was one of his main platforms.
Describing driving during the morning and afternoon peaks as "unbearable and frustrating", he said changes to traffic flows with drivers going through the suburbs and trying to avoid paying re-introduced tolls on the M4, had also exacerbated the situation.
"Workers, parents, students and local residents find it extremely frustrating to cross over from either suburbs for their destination due to the narrow link and long stretch of cars," he said.
"I live here and experience it daily. It has to be solved."
Mr Zraika said previous attempts to fix the problem, including during his term as Auburn mayor in 2013-14, had failed because the Auburn and South Granville areas fell under two different councils.
"The newly formed Cumberland Council is now solely and only Local Government body responsible in addressing this matter," he said.
"The time has come to find a solution to it, particularly now that those two roads are under one body. There's an opportunity for Cumberland council to fix this."

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