Single mail theft can lead to serious fraud

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Story appeared in: Review | October 9th, 2017

A SIMPLE stolen letter can lead to serious identity and financial fraud and senior constable James Dickson from the Flemington Local Area Command (LAC) is urging people to report all mail theft incidents to police.
"As result of mail thefts, fraud offences are occurring where the offenders are obtaining personal details, bank details or credit cards," he said.
"This type of crime costs millions and can have devastating consequences for you and your financial reputation.
"Residents should consider purchasing a locked mailbox or converting existing mailboxes to a lockable style and keeping it in good condition.
"Also make sure your mailbox is large enough for the mail to be dropped into a secure section and do not allow letters overflow."
Snr Const Dickson said everyone should also clear their mailbox daily or have mail picked up by a friend or held at the post office if they are away for extended periods.
He also urged people to arrange to collect new credit cards from the bank or post office and recommended shredding unwanted mail and letters.
If mail is delivered incorrectly, write 'delivered to wrong address" on the front of the envelope or 'not at this address' and return to Australia Post and report incidents involving stolen mail to your local police station or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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