More at risk of diabetes

Samoan Action Reference Group meets at Powell Street Medical Practice at Yagoona.

Story appeared in: Torch | October 10th, 2017

EARLY research is pointing to a rising diabetes problem for Western Sydney's Islander communities, according to research undertaken by the Yagoona based, Samoan Action Reference Group.
A group of about 25 to 30 volunteers and researchers from Western Sydney University, who meet regularly to plan preventative diabetes programs in Islander communities, are discovering the prevalence of the disease among Samoans in the area.
"Our data - from Samoans participating in our current study across Greater Western Sydney - we hope to have published soon," Dr Alofivae-Doorbinnia said.
"Early research indicates that diabetes is a significant problem for Samoan and Islander communities in Australia."
Samoan Action Reference Group was formed in October 2015 at a meeting at Powell Street Medical Practice at Yagoona.
The group has grown and have met regularly at Western Sydney University and the Yagoona practice.
"Our diabetes prevention program is delivered entirely in the community, by the community," Dr Alofivae-Doorbinnia said.
The program follows an approach where Samoan community facilitators train community volunteers from the churches on how to provide support to their wider community peers on making healthy lifestyle changes.
"This has involved for example the delivery of practical hands on sessions such as cooking classes, physical activity sessions such as walking groups and circuit classes, and small group and one to one discussions on overcoming barriers to changing behaviours and setting realistic goals," Dr Alofivae-Doorbinnia said.
For further information, call Powell Street Medical Practice on 9707 2383.

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