Most holiday injury on bike

Motorists need to be mindful of children who may not always be adhering to the road rules.

Story appeared in: Review | October 9th, 2017

ACCIDENTS involving bikes and trampolines topped the list of NSW Ambulance call-outs involving children over the school holidays.
A 15-year-old boy who was riding a bike at Merrylands, suffered a head injury after a collision with a motor vehicle on Sunday, September 24.
He was one of 24 bike-related injuries reported over the past two weeks, with another eight children hit by vehicles; 15 treated for trampoline injuries; six for accidents on jumping castles or pillows; eight for horse-related injuries; and eight involved in scooter accidents.
Another eight children were also involved in near drowning/diving incidents and a further seven were hurt in the surf or playing on the beach.
NSW Ambulance Inspector John Brotherhood urged motorists to be mindful of children who may not always be adhering to the road rules.
"Incidents involving children are always an emotional and confronting scene for everyone involved – including paramedics who are called on to attend," he said.
"Safety gear is paramount.
"In one bike-related incident, the child was not wearing a helmet, increasing the risk of serious head and spinal injuries that can impact the rest of his life."
Insp Brotherhood said the prevailing warmer weather also meant children were heading for pools, beaches and other waterways in greater numbers, and reiterated the need for supervision.
He added that if a child is seriously injured, contact Triple Zero (000) immediately and ask for 'ambulance'.
"Follow the directions of the call taker and apply first aid while making the patient as comfortable as possible until paramedics arrive," he said.
"And as with any serious cuts, apply firm, direct pressure."

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