Mosque coming near bottleneck

State MP for East Hills, Glenn Brookes, said it was ‘a wrong decision’ to approve a mosque at the notorious Eldridge Road roundabout.

Story appeared in: Torch | October 10th, 2017

BE prepared for traffic chaos, warns State MP for East Hills, Glenn Brookes, with the approval of a controversial $7 million mosque at the notorious Condell Park double roundabout.
Muslim organisation Daar Ibn Abbas will relocate from Bankstown to the Eldridge Road site, with rear access from Nowill Street, after the State Government's Sydney South Planning Panel approved the development on September 12.
The mosque will hold five daily prayers; the largest at noon on Fridays, which will attract 417 worshippers.
Condell Park Residents Group have been vocal opponents of the development, saying it will add to the Edgar Street and Eldridge Road roundabout bottleneck, and collected over 600 signatures calling for the development to be rejected.
Mr Brookes said while religious freedoms should always be upheld, placing a mosque at the notorious roundabouts was the wrong decision.
"This is not a question of religion, but rather a question of suitable development," he said.
"In this instance, I do not feel that this site was the most suitable location for this development."
Despite the conditions imposed by the Planning Panel, including a Friday traffic controller, Mr Brookes said the impacts are not fully mitigated.
Revesby Ward Councillor Linda Downey said the Panel approved the development with a number of conditions, particularly around traffic management, which will be monitored by the council.
"I am sure that the applicants will be sure they meet the necessary requirements," Cr Downey said.
Fellow ward councillor, Steve Tuntevski said the the mosque complied with planning controls.
"I'm advised that the applicant has provided more parking than is required, however I note the community's traffic and parking concerns and (I) will be calling on council officers to conduct inspections to make sure that parking laws are adhered to, and that the approved number of worshippers are not exceeded," Cr Tuntevski said.

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